Rebuilding the Workout Habit

Today, I decide between the pain of momentary discomfort and the pain of regret. 

Today, I get to choose the direction of my future. 

The past 6 weeks have been rough. My dad has been in the hospital. I sprained my foot in a rugby practice. Then I re-sprained it 20 minutes into my first game back on the pitch.

I’ve been studying for the GMAT. Running my own tutoring company. 

I could list every excuse in the book for my taking a break from focusing on physical health.

I recently read an article that spoke about the nature of exercise to improve one’s cognitive functions. Any type of cardio-based exercise ramps up the blood flow to the brain, increasing total circulation, even for hours after one stops moving.    

Working out would have provided endorphins to brighten my mood, would have increased blood flow to improve my working concentration, and would have given me physical therapy to help heal my foot.  

It is very easy to make that choice to forgo the day’s workout. The bed is so warm and the snooze button is so close.  

But every day I choose to push my life back one day, I move towards the pain of regret.

One doesn’t have to become an Olympian to be healthy. All you have to do is decide your life goals, then actively move towards them.  

Today, I start rebuilding my workout habit. Today, I choose discomfort with dreams of future glory. 

Maggie Simpson

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