Get to know RowGa Instructor Natalie!

For me, RowClub is all about community, encouraging each other to become better rowers, reach personal fitness goals, and be a place to gROW new friendships. I also love being able to rock out while rowing - turn the music up and let's put the club in RowClub!

What I like most about erging is that it's a FUN, full-body workout that's low-impact and super effective! I feel like I'm engaging every part of my body with each stroke, having to constantly focus on my core, arms, and legs. The best part is that rowing defines your back muscles unlike any other workout I've done!

When I'm not teaching fitness classes you'll find me in a suit, lawyering it up at the office or in court. My practice of law includes vehicle/bicycle/motorcycle accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, and elder abuse cases to name just a few. I love being an attorney and helping people who have been injured. It is so rewarding to engage with my clients and counsel them, even when they experience pain and frustrations, and then ultimately see them happy when a settlement is reached!

I am inspired when I witness people doing random acts of kindness! (Yes, please hold the door for the person coming in as you're leaving Starbucks, even if you're running late for work.) I am also inspired when there is determination to rise to a challenge and overcome obstacles; when someone realizes he/she CAN do something and pursues it whole-heartedly.

I grew up in the Bay Area, went to college in Virginia (humidity? no thanks), and ended up in San Francisco for law school. After law school, I was determined to find a job in the city so I could stay here and still be close-ish to my family. I've lived in the same apartment in Nob Hill for over 6 years now and enjoy everything about city life!

I work out to relieve stress and stay somewhat in shape so I can eat donuts :)