Meet one of our Favorite Clients- Amelia!

Entrepreneur, Mom, Showerpill Model and RowClub Regular. Amy Perez

Entrepreneur, Mom, Showerpill Model and RowClub Regular. Amy Perez

Amelia was recently featured in the ShowerPill commercial set at RowClub, and she’s a regular- rowing with us three days a week! Amelia gives us a little insight into her life and successes! 

I have lived in the city for most of my life; I moved here from Sacramento for college.  I am a Mom to a 21 year old daughter who is studying design.  I have recently made the switch from working for large corporations to a key position for a small interiors firm.   I love my job and opportunity to help organize and grow the firm.  I just recently started my own business which extends my organic eating / living philosophy to skincare.  In my spare time I enjoy the culture San Francisco has to offer - music, dance, and art.  I am so fortunate to have found RowClub on Groupon a couple of years ago and gave rowing a try! 

I love that RowClub is a very small gym where you get individual attention from knowledgeable and caring trainers.  Thank you Maggie!

I have always made working out a part of my routine.  I love what working out does for my mind and body. My fitness goals are to keep my workouts challenging and effective.  I want to stay healthy and fit for as long as I can.

Staying fit and in shape has always been important to me and an integral part of my life.  I always make time to work out. RowClub has provided a challenging and effective workout that fits into my routine.  I spent many years running which was taking a toll on my knees; rowing has provided a great alternative.