Trigger Points

On the subject of foam rolling, the term "trigger point" may have been brought up when talking about myofascial release. I found two links that do a good job on explaining about trigger points. Check out the TriggerPoint's SITE and Youtube video below. I also highly recommend Trigger Point Therapy's products. I have been using their products with my clients, peers, and myself for 5+ years.

The video below includes a visual and audio explanation of what trigger points are.

This first video is a short explanation and introduction to the trigger point. Many health and pain problems, like frozen shoulder, chronic neck stiffness and migraine are related to trigger points. People can learn how to effectively treat trigger points themselves. I hope to show you in this video that trigger points are a fact, not a theory.


Next week, we will start linking and creating content on how to perform some mobility exercises to ameliorate those nasty knots/trigger points in your muslces.