Ready to Row

Hydrate - The human body is over 60% H2O. If you're working hard on a rowing machine, your muscles and brain will use water for cellular regeneration. If you're coming to a morning class, we recommend you drink at least 2 cups of water beforehand. Coming to an afternoon class? Drink at least 6 cups. 

Fuel Up - If you are interested in dietary theory, our favorite comes from Dr. Joel Fuhrman. His practice is oriented towards helping clients fight cancer without drugs but instead the mighty power of Fruits and Veggies. He's credited with coining the term, "nutritarian." #addtodictionary Make sure to eat protein, fruits, and vegetables at least 45 minutes before class. 

What To Wear - You’ll be moving around a lot in our classes, so make sure you’re comfortable. We recommend a comfortable shirt and form-fitting shorts or leggings. Definitely bring sneakers - you'd be surprised how often these are forgotten... (whoops)


If you arrive a few minutes early, you'll most likely find an instructor and a couple of other students to stretch and socialize with. If you want some pointers before class starts ask your instructor. We are happy to help. RowClub has taught over 3,000 students how to row. Not everyone picks this challenging exercise up in their first class. It is like algebra, trigonometry or Spanish, it takes practice and commitment to improve.

Water Station - Water and cups are available. 

Changing Area & Lockers - Our studio has a changing area for quick costume changes and digital lockers for your stuff during class.

No Shower :/- We don’t have a shower at the Belden location.